Service Page

Find the right solution – choose us! Please check out our service menu below. Bicycles purchased from RG’s receive a $20.00 lifetime discount on Deluxe and Ultra tune up packages.

Pump and Polish (Check-over)  

Basic Tune Up

Deluxe Tune Up

Ultra Tune Up

Safety Inspection

Quick Clean of Fork and Frame

Inflate Tires to Recommended PSI

Thorough Clean

Adjust Brake Cables

Adjust Derailleur Cables

True Wheels

Inflate Tires to Recommended PSI

Complete break down of bicycle

Thorough wash of frame/fork

Grease as needed and reassemble

Everything included in a Basic Tune Up

All Deluxe Services

Installation of the following;

New Cables

New Bar Tape

New Tires

*Price does not include cost of parts*

A La Carte Menu

Break Services

Handlebar Services

Wheel Services

Fork Services

Brake Adjustment $7.99
Brake Adjustment w/ Cable Install $11.99
Brake Install $15.99
Install Disk Break $19.99
Install Brake Pad $7.99
Bleed Hydraulic Break $24.99
Install Brake Lever $8.99
Tape Handlebars $14.99
Install Road Bar $17.99
Install Aero Bar $14.99
Install Other Bar $9.99
Stem Install $6.99
Grip Install $3.99
Bar End Install $5.99
Cut Handlebars $9.99
Tube Replace (On Bike) $6.99
Tube Replace (Off Bike)$3.99
True Wheel $18.00
Wheel Build $49.99
Wheel Install $9.99
Tubeless Tire Install $12.99
Tubular Tire Install w/Glue $19.99
Hub Adjustment $5.99
Hub Overhaul $16.99
Install (Threaded) $29.99
Install (Threadless)$19.99
Cut Threadless Fork $8.99
Thread Steerer Tube $14.99
Align Drop Outs $18.99

Shifting Services

Frame Services

Headset Services

Shipping Services

Derailleur Adjustment $8.99
Derailleur Adj w/ Cable Install $12.99
Derailleur Install $14.99
Shifter Install $18.99
Chase BB Threads $16.99
Face Bottom Bracket $16.99
Face Head Tube $16.99
Face Disc Mount $12.99
Replace Derailleur Hanger $12.99
Tap Derailleur Hanger $17.99
Align Derailleur Hanger $9.99
Adjustment $5.99
Overhaul $16.99
Install $14.99
Star Nut Install $3.99
Box Bike for Shipping $34.99

Accessory Install

Bicycle Assembly

Drivetrain Services


Kickstand $3.99
Training Wheels $9.99
Saddle $4.99
Rack $13.99
Baby Seat $14.99
Fender Set $14.99
Wireless Computer $8.99
Wired Computer $12.99
Cadence Sensor $14.99
Basket $7.99
Kid’s Bike $29.99
Adult Bike $49.99
Adult Single Speed $29.99
Bottom Bracket Adj. $7.99
Bottom Bracket Overhaul $24.99
Install Bottom Bracket $16.99
Chain Install $7.99
Crank Install $14.99
Chainring Install $12.99
Install Cassette/Freewheel $7.99
Install Pedals $3.99
Tap Pedal Threads $8.99
Remove Lock $6.99
Cut Seat post $4.99
Car Roof Rack $24.99
Car Rear Rack $12.99